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MZ/NZC Serious

product name: MZ-A

MZ-A Equipment Features
■ Adapt to multi-function welding operations, especially for
fillet welding in the flat position and slope welding.
■ Stable tractor travel, wide welding range, suitable to the welding of various Φ2.0~Φ6.0mm welding wires.
■ Realizing multi-location work thanks to the separate installation of wire reel and head, flexible and convenient
■ Realizing bevel travel welding thanks to the vertical column can be set the inclination of 0 ~ 45°.
■ Cross carriage can be moved in longitudinal and transverse, convenient and precise adjustment.
■ Flux-hopper revolution and swing angle are flexible and adjustable.
■ Wire straightener & four-wheel drive ensure the strong and stable wire feeding.

MZ-A Technical Data

Model MZ-10-D
行走机构输入电压(V) 伺服电机DC110V
送丝机构额定电压(V) DC110V(永磁、激磁任意选配)
送丝方式 弧压反馈变速送丝、等速送丝
焊接速度范围(m/min) 0.2-1.5
送丝速度范围(m/min) 0.25-2.5
适用焊丝直径(mm)\ φ2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0
立柱倾斜角度 0-45°
转臂柱套升降范围(mm) 130
转臂柱套绕小车回转角度 ±90°
适用焊接电源额定值(A) 630/800/1000/1250
纵拖板移动距离(mm) 纵:100
横拖板移动距离(mm) 横:100
机头延转角度 45°
机头偏转角度 45°
焊剂容量(L) 6
丝盘容量(kg) 25
外形尺寸(mm) 1020×480×740
整机重量(kg) 58